Cape Coast, Ghana

Cape Coast Mission Center

Cape Coast, Ghana is located in the Central Region of Ghana, with a population of roughly 170,000 people. From the outside, Cape Coast is surrounded with beauty. It sits along the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, with resort-style scenery all around the visual landscape. However, from the inside, the streets of Cape Coast embody oppression, poverty and dark sins of idol worship amongst heavy drug use and sexual deviance. Our work in Cape Coast started in 2009, while using the game of basketball to reach out to youth. It now has developed into a few different needs-specific ministries.

Bright Morningstar Church

Here is what we have learned about working in Cape Coast. WE NEED THE LOCAL CHURCH! There is a great spiritual battle to face in Cape Coast and the surrounding communities, and after years of trying to do it alone while being met by roadblock after roadblock we knew something needed to change. During our years in Cape Coast we have become very close with the leadership of Rev. Joseph Hagen at Bright Morningstar Church and the body of believers that attend the church on a weekly basis. As we began to understand the battle that we face with life transformational through the Gospel it was imperative that we worked hand in hand with the local church. Beginning in June of 2017 all ministry decisions and ministry funds that Acts 2 Collective distributes to ministry in the Cape Coast area passes through the channel of the local church. Our desire is to integrate into the local church sharing the vision that the Lord has laid on our heart as well as the financial blessings we receive on a monthly basis to help win souls for the Gospel in Cape Coast, Ghana.

Acts 2 Collective Mission Center -Cape Coast

In 2015 through the grace of our Lord we had the opportunity to purchase an old hotel just outside the city confines of Cape Coast. This hotel consisted of 21 bedrooms fully furnished, 19 bathrooms, full kitchen, two conference centers, and spacious surroundings. The vision for the center is to be a place to reach out to the most vulnerable in the Cape Coast community. We have served and cared for the drug addict, the sexual victim, the abandoned, and the disabled. Lives have been changed and we believe this center with the leadership of Bright Morningstar Church will continue to impact lives for the Gospel for generations to come. If you are traveling to Cape Coast with a mission focus please don’t hesitate to contact our Acts 2 Collective staff as we would love to host you at the mission center.


Drug Rehabilitation and Discipleship

In August of 2014, we began to reach out to men in the city who have fallen into habitual drug use. After a trip to Cape Coast in August of 2015 we knew more had to be done and as a result established a drug rehabilitation and discipleship center. This is where we help to take in victims of drug & alcohol abuse. Over a six-month period of time we are committed to providing a safe place for those willing to become sober and to reform their lives. In the midst, we disciple them and teach them to lean on the truths of the Gospel. Upon completion of the program, we provide each individual with a small business grant that will help them start a business in the Cape Coast area.

Women's Empowerment

In June of 2015, Acts 2 Collective sent two volunteers to work alongside our team at the Drug Rehabilitation Center. During their time in Cape Coast, they discovered sex trafficking and forced prostitution had become a huge problem, and they felt called to do something. In August of 2015, Acts 2 Collective opened up a small home in Cape Coast, Ghana. This is a place where some of the most vulnerable women caught in prostitution can come, be cared for, and receive help to get them back on their feet.