Asikuma, Ghana

Acts 2 Collective Mission Campus

Asikuma, Ghana is located in the Eastern Region of Ghana, about three hours Northeast of the capital city of Accra. Asikuma is made up of two distinct communities led by two separate chiefs. The total population of the community is roughly 4,000 people, with over 70% of the community being children. The majority of the community lives on less than $1 per/day and prior to our arrival in 2010, lacked basic medical facilities, educational facilities and housed a growing number of orphans and widows that needed support.


Children's Home

In the spring of 2013, we broke ground on the Acts 2 Collective Mission Center. Its completion in August of 2014 was a large community celebration, which strengthened our relationship with local leaders. This center is a home & family to numerous children in Ghana.

Mission School

From the very beginning, local leaders in Asikuma have expressed their desire to improve access to education. In partnership with the community of Asikuma, Acts 2 Collective helped to open the temporary location of a school in January of 2015. When the school opened we were expecting 40-45 students to register, but to our excitement, there were over 120 students registered on the first day. As of August of 2016, the Kingdom Cares Mission School is serving 274 students. The school has developed its own dance team and agriculture training program. As school attendance continues to increase our goal is to create an education curriculum and learning environment that will be successful in rural African communities.


One of the goals at the Acts 2 Collective Mission Campus is to be self-sustaining by 2024. In order to take the first steps towards this goal we developed a partnership with AgriHope. This nonprofit that has been teaching high-yielding farming techniques in Zambia. Over the past three years, AgriHope has raised up leaders in Zambia using a model called Farming God’s Way. This method of farming utilizes the natural resources and tools available to the typical African Community and produces a higher yield of crops. In August of 2015, AgriHope sent one of its Zambian leaders to live in Asikuma and develop agricultural programs on the campus. In time, this initiative will be our main source to feed the children in the Mission Center and School.