The Church

As Jake and Marc teamed up soon athletes and coaches were giving their lives to Christ and new doors were beginning to open. One of those doors that opened was a door to the Chadian military. As Marc traveled throughout the country of Chad following up with those who have given their lives to Christ he began to connect with the military at various check points throughout the country. Before long Marc had started bible studies and soon a church was born in Loumia, Chad.

In Loumia sits one of the main military bases where soldiers are trained by the United States to fight Islamic extremism in Mali and Northern Nigeria. On any given Sunday, you can find a couple hundred soldiers and their families worshiping in the name of Jesus Christ. If or when soldiers are killed on the battlefield the church then assumes the responsibility of the orphan and widow. As we have found out in Chad it is through the rock of the church that the name of Jesus continues to be proclaimed.