Rob & Ronda Wheeler

Ghana International Directors

We are Rob and Ronda Wheeler. We celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary in August, 2018. We are both from central Iowa originally, and had certainly never been to Africa. We spent the first 8 years of our life together wondering what big thing God may have in store for us. In January, 2017, we first heard about the work Jake and Acts 2 Collective was doing in Africa. It wasn’t life changing at first, but we agreed to help in a couple of small areas. That initial contact led to a wonderful online relationship with a young Ghanaian named Ahmed; and ultimately that relationship, and the offer of brother Roger Wheeler and his wife Lisa, led us to say “yes” to a trip to Ghana in November, 2017.

That trip was the most amazing, wonderful and MISERABLE trip of our lives. And we couldn’t wait to get back and see those wonderful people we had fallen in love with, so we went for a second trip in February, 2018. While there for that first trip, we had learned the work in Asikuma was not being properly funded, so we went to work telling our story to friends and family. Ultimately our friends helped get them their actual budgeted funds for every month beginning with December, 2017.

After our second trip Jake asked us to take more of a leadership role in the work in Ghana so that he could focus on the crazy stuff God seemed to be doing in Chad, and we agreed, ultimately learning there were holes in the funding elsewhere, and we are currently working to plug those holes as well.

Our backgrounds are both accounting related, so looking at the numbers has been an interesting exercise for us. But the constant driving force has been God’s call to American believers to be generous with the people around us, and the huge needs we witnessed in Ghana.

Between the two of us we have 3 daughters and 1 son – plus OUR son Ahmed in Ghana. We have our third trip to Ghana planned for November, 2018, and look forward to God further cementing the connection between our hearts and those of our wonderful friends working tirelessly in Ghana.