Sports Based Ministry

Chad sits in a part of the world that experiences great physical poverty as well as often violence with an extreme movement of the Islamic faith taking hold in many of these hard to reach areas. Chad is not a country in which ministry is easily attainable so missionaries often have to find a secondary way into the country in order to build relationships to share the Gospel and make Disciples. Sports was that calling and since 2013 the ministry has begun to grow.

During the first trip to Chad our President Jake Sullivan only had the opportunity to train 16 coaches and athletes all the while being met by great hardship. In the midst of telling God that he was never going to return to Chad he was met by two of the athletes he trained while on the way to the airport to return to the United States. Those athletes presented him a painting with a man holding a yellow glowing basketball with the Bible in the corner of the painting. They thanked him for coming to Chad, because he brought light to their country through the Gospel. In that moment Jake decided to return one year later. From there the ministry began to explode and over the past 3 years Acts 2 Collective in partnership with Athletes in Action have had the opportunity to train over 400 athletes and 100 coaches and have seen numerous men and women give their lives to Christ.