Sponsor A Child

Sponsoring a child is a great way to unite in purpose with Acts 2 Collective. By sponsoring a child at one of our children homes or schools you are helping transform a life. Your sponsorship creates jobs, provides meals, and most importantly crates the avenue for the Gospel to be shared.

$10 Monthly Education Sponsorship

Through our partner Jonathan’s Child Care Ministries School you can invest in a child’s education for just $10 a month. You are making an investment because all of our students are already paying school fees. This contribution is an investment to improve the education we provide in the community of Bo.

$10 Lunch for 20 Students

Jonathan’s House Christian School used to only be open for half a day. Thanks to our school lunch program we are able to provide a nutritious meal and educate our students for a full day of school. Our enrollment has nearly doubled since this program began in 2017. We continue to see blessings from both our school and this lunch program.

$40 Monthly Education Sponsorship

A2C Foundation school is located in a rural village in Asikuma, Ghana. Our school provides education to 300 students from around the community. Your sponsorship helps cover all costs for running the school and providing these students with an education. Introducing vocational elements into the current school structure is a future goal.