September 2018

Partner Highlight

Nyame Do Women’s Center – Asikuma, Ghana

The Nyame Do women’s center is a technical training school in the village of Asikuma. It is empowering approximately 15 women at a time, as they learn the valuable craft of sewing and designing clothes. We are currently half-way through our first group of students. Witnessing what these women have accomplished in a short period of time has already given hope to many in the community. Student Tabita Kumi says, “When I sew dress for myself my friends see it, and they are very impressed. They want to learn also, so they can have a future of hope, like I do.” Teaching these women how to make money is smart economics. However, simply giving them money is not a long-term solution. Nyame Do is empowering them with skills and self-confidence. That is a change that can’t be undone. 

When the students have completed the 2 year program they will be equipped to earn a living with a sewing business. These women are role models for the younger generation, and will help embrace and encourage them to a better way of life. Instructor Abigail Ametepey commented, “We show them care, not just in sewing, but in their personal life also, so they can have confidence to succeed. We stress to them that they should empower other people, as we have come to empower them.”

The program also emphasizes giving back to the community. Earlier this year, the students made dresses out of old bed sheets, and then went as a group to give them out to little girls in the village. The students were proud of their work and got to experience firsthand how the skills they were learning can bring joy to the local people. Just by simply giving someone a hand-sewn dress they were able to give their own people human dignity.

The Nyame Do Women’s Center is much more than a training center. It doesn’t just educate…. by encouraging and embracing the young women, and with daily devotionals and God’s word, the young women are becoming empowered as they go forward in their life and strive to reach their life goals, for themselves and their children.

Reunifying Families 

Jonathan’s Child Care Ministries – Bo, SL

This month we reunified 3 more children to their families. It has been amazing to see God’s hand in each of their stories. Gifty’s is one story that stands out. At just 5 years old, this bossy playful girly girl is the youngest child we have ever reunified. After several meetings with her family and some time spent on holiday, Gifty is now living with her Uncle and Aunt. As they told our staff about their time with her, it was obvious that they were ready to love and care for our pretty girl.

There are so many beautiful things about family based care. Now Gifty has two families. She gets to live with her Uncle and Aunt in the same community and we get to see her almost every day. Gifty goes to our school, church, and attends all JCCM activities. Reunification also opens the door to support the entire family by providing financial support and regularly engaging with the family.

Reunification is not the easiest option, but our local staff continue to work extra hard because they know it is in our children’s best interest. They are committed to visiting each child at their home at least once a month, advising the family through any challenges, and keeping them engaged in all activities on campus. These stories aren’t always perfect, but God is working to restore each one.

Brick by Brick 

A2C Foundation – Asikuma, Ghana

 We had a big week in Ghana! Phase 1 of 3 to build a permanent school structure at the Mission Campus in Asikuma was completed. In this phase, cinder block walls which were built 2 years ago were connected and turned into ONE structure.

Once the roof is added in phase 2, the 300+ students we serve there will be able to transfer from the current temporary school structure to the new building.

Our goal is to raise $16,000 to add the finishing touches of phase 3. We would love for you to unite with us on this project. 

Together We Can!

Jonathan’s House for Orphans – CAR

To everyone who supported the School Lunch Program this last year, THANK YOU! In 2017, enrollment increased from 302 students to 446. We know that parents signed their children up for school JUST BECAUSE THE CHILDREN WERE HUNGRY. Since the program began we have served approximately 70,000 meals.
Every day, each child attending our school receives lunch for free, including a chewable multivitamin to help children get the nutrients that they need for growth and development. The lunch program also allows us to add three hours to the length of the school day. Today, more children are getting a nutritious meal with more school instructional hours, and all of the teachers are receiving more pay for more work. This program has a greater impact on more children than any other program at Jonathan’s House.
For 450 children each day, with a meal cost (including 3 staff members, firewood, and food) of $0.42 per meal, the total cost is $189 per day, or $34,020 for the 2018-2019 school year.  School starts on October 8, and it’s time to fund this program for the next year. Our school director noted that the children have better attendance, better grades, and they are much healthier than before the program started.  If many of you respond the way you did last year, we can do this again. 
We hope you will consider making a generous donation.  It’s going to take a lot of people uniting together to make this program a reality again for our children, and we would REALLY appreciate your help. 


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