Sarh, Chad

Sports Mission Complex

Chad, Africa is located in West Africa and sits in the middle of the Sahara Desert. We began to travel to Chad through a partnership with Athletes in Action in 2013. Although this is a Muslim-dominated country, we have been using the platform of basketball to reach different communities with the Gospel. In October of 2013, we began the outreach with only 20 coaches and athletes and by March of 2015, we had over 120 coaches and athletes in the training seminars. We have also found favor with the governmental officials in Chad and we were given land in Sarh, Chad, for the development of a sports mission complex. We will be kicking off construction of the center in September of 2015, and hope to have the entire complex completed by September of 2017.

The Vision

Chad currently has the most unreached people groups in all of Africa and we have a desire to make the Gospel known in every corner of this country. Our goal is to complete the Sports Mission Complex in Sarh and use it to train coaches & athletes in Chad and neighboring countries.