What We Do

Every culture, community, and person that Acts 2 Collective works with is different. Their needs and resources are diverse; therefore, our approach for each community is tailored uniquely to the needs identified by locals. Oftentimes, the process we walk through with these communities is just as much or more valuable than the outcome. Embedded in all we do is our desire to share the Gospel with unreached people and disciple believers.

Collectively. Actively. Purposefully.

  • AgriHope in Asikuma

    AgriHope in Asikuma

    Help us bring sustainable farming solutions to the village of Asikuma. Through this...

    Needed Donation $24,500

    In Asikuma, Ghana

  • Cape Coast Center

    Cape Coast Center

    Drug Rehabilitation and Discipleship Center In August of 2014 we began to work...

    Needed Donation $5,280

    In Cape Coast, Ghana

  • Education Development

    Education Development

    In order to enter high school in Ghana, students are required to pass...

    Needed Donation $500,000

    In Ghana

  • KCMC Ongoing Care

    KCMC Ongoing Care

    The Kingdom Cares Mission Center (KCMC) was the first project started by the...

    Needed Donation $4,200

    In Asikuma, Ghana

  • Sports Mission Complex

    Sports Mission Complex

    The vision for Chad and Africa is a big one! It is centered...

    Needed Donation $500,000

    In Chad