Mission Partners

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much 

- Hellen Keller

As Acts 2 Collective seeks to fulfill the Great Commission, we humbly acknowledge that we cannot do it alone. Our mission is rooted in the idea of uniting with others in purpose, because together we are stronger. We would not exist today without the support of our communities, churches, schools, and businesses. If you are interested in uniting with us on this journey, we would love to sit and talk with you! Every partnership looks different, as we all have unique gifts and desires given by the Lord. One of our goals at Acts 2 Collective is to identify and use those gifts to serve the least of these.
Another significant part of our mission is our network of nonprofits. The impact we have made thus far would not have been possible without the individuals who are on the ground caring for the most vulnerable every day. Acts 2 Collective is dedicated to meeting every need brought to us. We do this by identifying local leaders and guiding them as they care for their own communities. Unite with us to care for the most vulnerable and spread the Gospel to unreached people groups.

For more information on partnering with Acts 2 Collective please contact Ashley Caycedo at ashley@acts2collective.org.

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Mission partners

Partner - Information Contact Form

If you have an organization that is also doing work internationally and would have an interest in partnering with Acts 2 Collective we would love to hear from you. Please fill out our organizational partner list and someone with Acts 2 Collective will be in touch with you soon.