May 2018


Jonathans House – Central African Republic

Balao my friends… from Clementine! She and her twin sister Germaine came to JHO many years ago. She loves basketball and is quite a leader. In school what’s her favorite thing to learn? She’ll tell you math! Thank you for praying for these (beautiful inside and out) twins, as they are always appreciative. 


Congrats on running the Boston Marathon, Marty, and THANK YOU for supporting us with your journey! Through his run Marty exceeded the goal and raised over $10k to build a playground at the Christian School at Jonathan’s House for Orphans in the Central African Republic. Thank you to the Hove Family and all of their supporters for uniting with us to make a difference.

Jonathan’s Child Care Ministries – Bo, Sierra Leone

I had the joy of surprising our beautiful children and spending three weeks with them. Beyond the normal challenges of raising children they are all doing really great. The older children truly blew me away with how much they have grown spiritually. They have always been taught Bible stories, but on this trip I felt that some of them had developed a deep and personal relationship with Him. Our littles are growing so quickly! The have been learning spelling in school and were excited to share all they knew with me. The middles I feel aren’t in the middle anymore. All the kids are growing taller, voices are changing, best of all I can see how they have grown in unity as a family. 
We had a birthday party for the kids on my last day there and boy do they love to party! The afternoon was full of dance competitions, party snacks, soda, chicken & couscous, and of course M&M covered cup cakes. This party celebrated our January through March birthdays. Our desire is to do this every 3 months. What a joy it is to celebrate these beautiful lives! 

                      SPONSOR A BIRTHDAY PARTY

Acts 2 Collective School – Asikuma, Ghana

The children are finishing up their final term of school in Asikuma. The school continues to grow and the community is seeing the value of education. Our headmaster Samuel has been working really hard to ensure that children are showing up and taking their education seriously. The greatest constraint at the moment is providing financially for the school since we are fully responsible for it. We currently have 31 students sponsored.

One of the highlights of our recent trip to Ghana was being able to worship with all the school children. Chapel is held every Friday. Education is an amazing tool, but sharing the Gospel with the children of Asikuma and its neighboring communities is at the heart of why we do what we do. You are a huge part in making this happen. Every child you sponsor has the opportunity to hear the Gospel multiple times a week. Your sponsorship also enables teachers to use their talents to daily express their love of Christ through their job. To sponsor a child please use the link to the left.                                   



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