Places We Work

Sports Based Ministry

It was in 2013 that Athletes in Action approached our Acts 2 Collective President Jake Sullivan asking if he would have an interest in partnering with them to help start a sport’s based ministry in Chad, Africa. Chad is a Muslim country that is located in the Saharan Desert. To Learn More About our Sports Based Ministry in Chad Please Click Here…

The Church

In Chad, Africa we are led by the incredible leadership of Marc Toingar. Marc is a former Chadian soccer player that found the Lord during his athletic career and committed his entire life to following Jesus no matter the cost. Through the Ministry of Athletes in Action our President Jake Sullivan was connected with Marc Toingar. When they first met in 2014 they both had the same vision. Which is to get the Gospel to reach all corners of the country and that one day Chad would be recognized as country following hard after Jesus Christ… To read more about the Church in Chad Click Here….