July 2018

Acts 2 Collective Daily Prayer

We want prayer to be an intentional part of how we accomplish our mission. In order to do so we have set apart a daily time, 2:44-2:47 pm, for specific prayer for our organization. The board of directors, international staff, and our children have all been practicing this daily time of prayer. As supporters of our mission we would like to invite you to also play a part in Acts 2 Collective’s daily prayer time. Many of us have set a daily reminder or alarm to do this. Thank you for uniting with us in this new way.

Jonathan’s House – Central African Republic

While the security situation in CAR remains delicate, we are thankful that our area remains safe. 

Phase 1 of our new PLAYGROUND was installed last week. It includes a slide, swing set, and jungle gym.  It is located next to our basketball court and the school building for grades 4-5-6. It’s a huge hit with the children.  Phase 2 will start soon using what we’ve learned on Phase 1. The photo below was taken just after installation was completed, and the workmen said that the children had to stay off of the equipment for two days while the cement set up.

As you read this letter, I’m sure it’s full of children who are thrilled with the opportunity to forget the hardships of life in CAR and just be children.

Our medical clinic is currently without a doctor, but our staff continues to operate to treat routine cases such as malaria, wound care and pregnancy counseling. More challenging cases are referred to another clinic.  We are searching for a good doctor, but local doctors are very hard to find. Short or long term medical missionaries interested in serving at our clinic can contact me at carter@acts2collective.org.

Our school lunch program has been a tremendous success. So far, we’ve served approximately 80,000 meals and 50,000 multivitamins. We currently provide food for 446 children each day, plus our school teachers. This is a tremendously valuable program which is having a dramatic effect upon hundreds of children. Our school director recently spoke about the improved health, appearance and attention spans of the children after the program began. A big fundraising push will start soon to make sure that this program is funded for the 2018-2019 school year.  It’s a big part of our budget, and it’s worth it. For most of the children at our school, this is the only nutritious meal that they receive each day, and we can and will make sure that it continues to be provided. A meal costs about $0.50, but it makes a world of difference to our children.

Thankful, Carter Strand

Jonathan’s Child Care Ministries – Bo, Sierra Leone

It was a blessing to interact with the staff and students at JCC in Bo, Sierra Leone for two weeks in May of 2018. Director, Winston Davis, created an opportunity for me to demonstrate teaching strategies that would actively engage students in the learning process and reinforce instruction already being given. Administrative assistant, Ruth, graciously and efficiently managed my living accommodations for a comfortable stay.

Mr. Lansana, the Class 6 teacher, embraced the Hands-on Equations materials I used to teach algebra concepts to his students. After a few lessons, he co-taught lesson reviews. He appreciated the value of each student having their own algebra kit. He was encouraged to see the students excited about learning math in a new way. The students were fully engaged and quickly learned to apply math strategies demonstrated and were able to understand concepts previously unknown to them.

On two occasions, I enjoyed using Tangram puzzles with Class 4 students. These puzzles have seven pieces (5 triangles, a square, and a parallelogram). Students creatively explored making cats, dogs, angels, houses, and anything else their mind could create. This “creative play” allowed them to visualize geometric shapes in new ways. Physically moving the tangram piece helped them develop a better sense of spacial relationships.

Mr. Ngarvea and I worked together to help students learn how to use “Safe-Compasses” for constructing and bisecting angles. We also spent time together discussing how to use projects to teach skills and concepts in ways that would engage students in meaningful ways while meeting government standards. One day, he bought me lunch… Mango/groundnut-soup (Good and SPICY!!!).

When school was out, I enjoyed interacting with children at the JCC orphanage. We played with animal balloons (mostly popped them for fun), they taught me the popular “Stone Ball” game (baseball and dodge ball combined), I taught the older boys Four Square, we read books together, I practiced soccer with the girls, and each night we had devotions together.

The cooks, house mothers, and workmen were kind, caring, and so helpful. I enjoyed good food and conversation throughout my stay. The children are in a nurturing  environment that makes it possible for them to develop important life-skills. They are actively involved in their own spiritual formation as they participate in devotionals and lead their own church services.

What a wonderful experience afforded me at JCC through the Acts2Collective organization. I pray that the vision Winston and Acts 2 Collective have for JCC will be realized day by day, week by week, month by month… May the challenges that come be embraced and overcome     through God’s power and grace.

Sincerely, Greg Fiedler

Acts 2 Collective Foundation – Asikuma, Ghana

God continues to protect our children! On Sunday, May 27, 2018 we had 10 of our boys in a trotro coming back from a special church service in Accra. There was a very serious accident that involved a private car and the trotro. All our children from the center survived which is a miracle! They are all healing nicely from their injuries. The worst of the injuries included a concussion and several broken bones. We serve a loving and faithful God. We are so thankful for our donors who have and continue to help with the medical expenses. 


Local Ghanian Support

Humanity First Foundation is what these amazing young men call themselves. They have taken it upon themselves to form their own organization so they could collect donations for our Asikuma Mission Center. This is their second trip delivering donations. We are grateful for this group that continues to bless our center.

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A great way to support Acts 2 Collective is by becoming a member of the 1200 Club. Your $100 monthly donation is important because it helps meet our varying needs from month to month. Donations made towards our general fund are allocated towards any of the countries we work in to meet budget gaps or unforeseen needs that may arise. Please consider uniting with us by joining the 1200 Club today!
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