July 2017

Jonathan’s Child Care Ministries – Sierra Leone

This month we started doing something new at the JCCM School. Every month we will be having school wide devotions. Our school serves children from all over the community and from various religious backgrounds. One of our Junior Secondary School teachers is a Pastor from Ghana and lead this months devotions. The school has worship time, prayer, and pledges every morning, but we are excited about the impact that these devotions will have on the spiritual growth of our students. 

The heavy rainy season in Bo has begun. In May we had random rainstorms, in June they increased in regularity, and will peak in July & August. These rains are one of the main reasons why the Ministry of Education will close school at the beginning of this month. The heaviest rains occur in August with a monthly average of 31 inches of rain. This impacts the entire country and our campus in many ways, including transportation do to muddy roads and the children’s ability to do any outside activities. This past month some heavy storms caused damages to our electricity and kitchen. We are hoping to be able to repair this all before the rains increase. If this many damages occurred in just the first month of the rainy season we want to make sure we do everything we can to protect our children and staff as the rains increase.  Please be praying for the safety of our children and staff over these months of heavy rain.

We are currently fundraising for all of these repairs. This photo shows some electricians working on the cables around campus. It seems that they were not earthed properly and are causing fuses to be blown in the homes. One of the first major projects is to re earth all the cables. The storm damages the inverter that provides electricity from the solar panel batteries to the houses. The National Director has taken his generator to campus as a temporary solution, but we see this as a top priority because the children are inside all evening and need the light to study. The third project is the kitchen that is pictured above. There is a crack running vertically on the side wall. The roof is not well supported by this wall so the plan is to put three pillars to support the roof. 

Two weeks ago I was able to visit the Second Chance on Third thrift store and meet with all of our volunteers. Let me begin by saying, WOW! The improvements in the store are simply amazing. Our volunteers are so committed to making the store better and invest countless hours to keep it organized and running. Revenue from the thrift store covers on average 25% of our monthly budget in Sierra Leone. It was so great to meet our volunteers and share more about what we are doing in Sierra Leone. They have created a great system to keep donations moving in and out the door. Business is booming and we are always in need of more volunteers in the Marshalltown area. Specifically we are also looking for someone with experience selling special items online or at pawnshops. If you are interested please email me at ashley@acts2collective.org. Thank you to all of our volunteers for your hard work and impact on our children at JCCM!!!

Between the thrift store funds, sponsorships, and church supporters we are currently operating at 75% of our monthly budget. All of our children are being taken care of and our staffs are being paid, but there are things we could be doing better. One of my goals this month is to find 100 people to become $25 monthly supporters. This small recurring monthly support will help create more financial sustainability and will help us make some desired improvements within the school and orphanage. Please share this with anyone you know and consider becoming a regular monthly supporter of JCCM. Thank you for your constant prayers and support of JCCM! For weekly updates like us on facebook at: www.facebook.com/JonathansChildCareMinistry/ and follow Acts 2 Collective on instagram.

Acts 2 Collective Foundation – Ghana

I just returned from Ghana on June 21st.  I cannot even begin to explain all that the Lord is doing across Ghana with Acts 2 Collective.  Lives continue to be transformed through the Gospel and disciples are being made.  
The biggest news we have from Ghana is the desire local Acts 2 Collective staffs have to more intentionally partner with the local church. I have had the opportunity to work in Africa over the past 10 years and it is becoming more and more apparent that the most effective way to equip the people with the Gospel is through the local church.  
We are starting this transition in Cape Coast with a long-standing relationship through Bright Morningstar Church.  Instead of Acts 2 Collective coming in to Cape Coast to determine the most effective ways to reach the community, we will begin to partner with Bright Morningstar Church and ask the question like: how can we begin to help equip the local church to reach the community for the Gospel.  
In all the places I have worked in I have not encountered a spiritually darker place than Cape Coast, Ghana.  What we have learned over the past five years is that we can’t do the work alone; we NEED the local church to battle the enemy we face.  
With the roof collapsing in on the church we wanted Bright Morningstar to know we are all in with our new partnership.  We had a few supporters of Acts 2 Collective raise $3,000 to help support the church with a small expansion and new roof.  As you can see construction is under way!  Please be praying for us as we seek to grow our relationship with the local church throughout Africa!

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