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As an organization we stand in awe. When we look back at all the amazing things God has done, we acknowledge that none of it would have been possible without many faithful contributors. Large gifts have been provided at fundamental moments in the growth of Acts 2 Collective which have allowed the dream of caring for orphans and sharing the Gospel with unreached people groups to become a reality. Every large donation we receive goes straight into funding big projects internationally, like the construction of a school in a Ghanian village. A percentage of large gifts also goes to support the in-country organizations that we partner with in serving the least of these. We are committed to being good stewards of the funds entrusted to us and using all donations to care for the most vulnerable for the spread of the Gospel.

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“The object of our work is not to enable the poor people to become full members of the consumer society. It is, rather, to help men and women – regardless of race, gender, or social class – to experience fullness of life. For the poor this implies the recovery of a sense of human dignity and the satisfaction of basic human needs.”  -Rene Padilla