African Market

Welcome to our African Market! More than a fundraising source, this is a unique way we can share the rich and beautiful African culture. This market travels to various farmers markets and events in the Des Moines area. Below are some samples of what you can find in our store. Our staff visits Africa multiple times a year and brings back different products for sale including jewelry, headbands, bookmarks, purses, and backpacks. All proceeds go to funding our international projects. If you have any questions or are interested in purchasing something, please contact Ashley Caycedo at

Africa My Africa
A land where culture, heritage, tradition are ever flowing ripples
A relief for hospitality, a tabernacle for harmony and peace
With people of diverse culture, yet living and united as one people,
Africa! The jewel, God’s Golden Fleece
A land harbored by people of great favor and dreams
A land where great heroes were first raised
A land of hope where smiles and opportunity reflects its dimple!