August 2018

New Mailing Address

We are so grateful for your support of Acts 2 Collective and for uniting with us in so many different ways. For our donors who specifically mail in checks we would like to share our new mailing address. Moving forward please send all mail to P.O. Box 7855 Urbandale, IA 50323. Just a reminder to make donations out to Acts 2 Collective and in the memo space or on a separate note write the designation if you are donating for something specific. If you have any questions please contact Ashley Caycedo at Thank you for your generosity!

Jonathan’s Child Care Ministries – Bo, Sierra Leone

What an amazing 2017-2018 school year we had at JCC! We are still in the process of becoming a privatized school, but within just a year and with a few changes we have seen both our staff and children improve in a major way. This year our 6th graders took the National Primary School Exam which is taken by students all over West Africa. The school goal was for 50% of our students to score 80% or higher and we surpassed the goal by 10%! Last year our highest score was a 286 and this year all of our children except for 3 scored over a 300 on the exam. This is a huge accomplishment in just 1 year.

Last month we celebrated the students, staff, and parents with a special prize giving ceremony. The children shared what they learned throughout the year by reading excerpts and showing off their math skills. We know this is a huge motivation to both the students and the community. A special thank you to Art Unlimited in Minnesota for sponsoring this amazing event. Watch the video below for some highlights from the event!

A2C – Asikuma, Ghana

And so it begins! We sent funds to Ghana last week to begin the process of completing a one story permanent school building structure for the 300+ kids who attend there. The cinder block walls have been standing there for months waiting for this day!! The piles of sand are brand new on site, as they prepare to move forward this week!! This will be a THREE stage process to complete. We sent the funds to complete stage 1. We are still $16,000 short of having enough in our building account to complete the building, and are very hopeful that beginning the process will spur on some additional donations from around America to get it completed this fall.
To donate to this special project please visit and write Asikuma Building Fund in the purpose section. 

Jonathan’s House – Central African Republic

My daughter, Sarah, and I just returned from a visit to Jonathan’s House on July 18.  We were blessed to travel with Rachael Jones who is in the process of adopting a brother and sister from the orphanage.  It was my second trip, I was there last September, and it was Sarah’s first.  I was thrilled to have Sarah along to share the blessings of a trip there.  Seeing God at work in Jonathan’s House is a life changing experience.  As with most mission trips and experiences, we received much more back in blessings than we felt that we were able to give.  I call it God’s economy.  My wife and I sponsor a little ten year old girl there, Manuella.  Just seeing her and the love in her eyes was blessing enough for me.  I am a retired accountant and have been involved in this ministry as a volunteer for three years now.  One of my roles has been to provide accounting seminars to the pastors and small business owners in Sibut and the surrounding area.  I have found the local pastors and business people there to be very gracious and kind. They have little in material wealth so what they want from you and freely give back to you is friendship and time. We tend to live by the clock here.  Caring is much more important in CAR than time. Love takes on a whole new meaning.  We have used the business owners’ seminars as evangelism opportunities, and I have tied the accounting seminars back to God’s Word.  For instance, in one of the seminars, we discussed John 13:34-35 “I command you to love one another just as I have loved you” and how that is completed in James 2:15-16  “and one of you says to them, “Go in peace, be warmed and filled, without giving them the things that are needed for the body, what good is it?’”  This was a very humbling experience for me because in America these verses can take on a theoretical dimension, but in CAR these are real verses that are lived out each day.  Everyone there knows someone, perhaps even themselves and their families, who are in need of clothing and food.  We discussed, “What is our responsibility as Christians to other Christians?” The people in CAR are no less our brothers and sisters in Christ than the members of our congregations here at home. Their faith in adversity is inspiring. What an opportunity we have been given to show our love to them!  I pray that we can fulfill what God has for us there.
As I mentioned before, this was Sarah’s first visit there.  Sarah teaches English in a low income area in Kansas City, Missouri.  It doesn’t take long for the children at the orphanage to enter you heart.  They, like all children everywhere, openly and freely love you.  Sarah spent her time just simply being with the children.  What a blessing she received!  She was able to be available to the children, just to share time with them.  For instance, Sarah wears her hair long, and it was an object of endless fascination for the girls there who have to wear their hair short for medical reasons.  Sarah cried when we left, like we all did.  If you have been to CAR and visited the orphanage there, you never truly leave.  You carry the children and workers there home with you in your heart. 
If you are sponsoring a child at Jonathan’s House in CAR and wonder whether the children appreciate your sponsorship, I will quote two letters that I brought home from the children to their sponsors.  The first one began, “Dear Mom and Dad, I love you.”  The second one said, “Thank you for sponsoring me so I can live in the orphanage. Please tell me about my sisters and brothers.”  The children think of their sponsors as their family.  It is a heart-breaking experience to leave, but you will also leave a better person who is more able to “love one another”, in some small way, as Christ loves us.
– Lanny Scearcy
Acts 2 Collective Volunteer


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