August 2017

JCCM Church

This past Sunday we had a full house for our Thanksgiving
service. The purpose of this service was to appreciate the hand of God over the
lives of its children and staff over the past year. We have experienced many
challenges, but the wellbeing and continued impact of Jonathan’s Child Care
Ministries are testimony to the Sovereignty of Christ.






JCCM School

Our 2016-2017 school year has come to an end with an awesome
prize giving ceremony. This is a great way to keep our children motivated. Thank
you to all the individual supporters who made this possible and to Art
Unlimited in Angora, MN for their special education fundraiser.

As we look forward to the next school year our goal is
always to improve. In September you will be receiving our first quarterly
newsletter filled with the vision for our school and a testimony from on of our
very own JCCM alum.
Goal: Quality, to provide the best level of education to our
children and our community.
How: Sponsorship match up of $10 a month for all 325 children
that attend our school.
What: This will allow us to train some of our current
teachers, high some new better teachers, and motivate our staff with high
When: The goal is to have all children sponsored by October
so we can begin the new school year on the right track.

Where: To give visit
and sign up to sponsor a student


Missions in Chad 

Our work in Chad continues to prosper thanks to the
dedication and hard work of local Missionary Marc Toingar. He travels all over
the country sharing the Gospel, discipling believers, and building up the local
church. God has surpassed even our wildest dreams with what is happening in
Chad. Below is an update from Marc on his recent work.

  • Beloved here
    are the miracles of God.  A change
    in the government of Chad has led to a new president of the Chadian Basketball
    Federation.  I was invited for the
    first time to a big meeting that lasted 2 days to talk about the development of
    basketball in Chad.  When I made
    the report of our activities – here is what the Ministry of
    Sports and the Chadian Basketball Federation decided: 
  • When Jake Arrives in Chad, he will
    be staying in the President of Federations Hotel and will take his food in the
    same hotel. 
  • The President of the Federation
    shall place a vehicle at the Jake’s disposal for his stay in Chad. 
  • A team will be assigned to
    accompany us wherever we will go with Jake. 
  • Before Jake’s arrival in October;
    the federation will send 3 missions to the province to select the players and
    prepare for his arrival. 
  • We are currently studying the
    possibility of finding a house for Jake in Chad!


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