Acts 2 Collective Mission Center

The Acts 2 Collective Mission Center opened its doors in August of 2014. The primary goal of the mission center is to provide short term and long term care to vulnerable children and orphans. We serve orphans and vulnerable children between the ages of 2-17 years old. Many of the children in the mission center who have been orphaned will have the opportunity to be put on the track for international adoption assuming they are approved by social welfare in Ghana.

The Acts 2 Collective Mission Center also houses short-term and long-term missionaries, IVHQ Volunteers, and various Acts 2 Collective staff members who help to oversee programing on the mission campus in Asikuma. The primary goal of the Acts 2 Collective Mission Center is to be a place to help meet the needs of the local community; which allows us to build relationships, in order to share the Gospel for the purpose of making disciples.

Acts 2 Collective Christian School

After the opening of the Acts 2 Collective Mission Center the community chiefs and elders approached the Acts 2 Collective organization to help with the development of a school in this particular part of Asikuma. Prior to our arrival in the northern part of Asikuma there was little to no formal education with the exception of about 40 kids that gathered under a tree for daily lessons. As an organization we were excited that the community leaders wanted to work with us and we could begin to unite visions for the community.
In January of 2015 Acts 2 Collective in partnership with local leaders opened up the first community school. When registration opened we had 127 kids register and as of July 2017 we have 312 kids currently in the school. We have experienced many growing pains as we introduced formal education to this particular part of the community but we are seeing extraordinary growth in the youth over the past year.

The Acts 2 Collective Christian School is currently led by headmaster Samuel Aboagye who was educated in Accra, Ghana and we were fortunate enough to have him leave the capital city to educate children who otherwise would not have access to education.

Acts 2 Collective is currently leading a major capital campaign to raise $360,000.00 to complete a new permanent school structure to provide a more conducive learning environment for the youth of Asikuma. Our long term goal is not only to help educate the youth of Asikuma, but to create a method of education that can prove successful to educate rural Africa. We need partners and we are actively looking for others to join us in this mission.

Nyame Do - Acts 2 Collective Women's Center

The Nyame Do – Acts 2 Collective Women’s Center was envisioned by three individuals Ruth Meyer, Brenda Miller, and Jordan Saddoris after joining Acts 2 Collective on a few short-term mission trips. The Women’s center helps to train between 16-20 women in an intensive sewing program over a two year period of time to help these women create long-term self-sustainability. Upon graduation of the two year program the women will receive government certification to seek employment throughout Ghana in the trade of sewing which is a very important skill in the country of Ghana.

Agrihope - Acts 2 Collective Farm

In 2016 Acts 2 Collective began to collaborate with Agrihope ( to discuss more sustainable food options for the Acts 2 Collective Mission Campus in Asikuma, Ghana. Agrihope is a non-profit organization based in Ankeny, Iowa and has its main operations in Africa in the country of Zambia. Agrihope works with the Farming God’s Ways organization that helps Africans develop more practical and innovative farming methods that help them to create higher yields of crops with the tools and resources the typical African has access to. Agrihope along with Farming God’s Way also desires to see the Gospel go out through the building of relationships with various farming seminars and through the introduction of new farming methods within communities.

Currently one of Agrihope’s main African leaders James Mambo committed five years to move to Ghana and to begin to develop these farming methods in the Asikuma area, and to help provide more sustainable food sources for the Acts 2 Collective Mission Campus. One of the greatest accomplishments of the partnership was the establishment of the first irrigated garden in Asikuma allowing Acts 2 Collective to have two growing seasons throughout the year. We are also excited about the new leaders James Mambo is raising up and how the Lord is using something as simple as agriculture to allow the Gospel to go out in the community of Asikuma.