Nonprofit Partners

Acts 2 Collective works with organizations in Iowa and around the world to further its mission of caring for the most vulnerable for the spread of the Gospel. Below, you will find a description of each of these organizations and how we collaborate with them to serve people and share the love of Jesus.

To find out more about any of these organizations simply click on the logo and you will be redirected to their individual website.

AgriHope AgriHope

believes that Africa has the potential to bring itself out of the grips of poverty and hunger. There is so much potential in the resources of the continent. AgriHope recognizes this potential and calls it out from the people they serve. Through their feeding programs at community schools, they provide training and education to both students and parents on better farming practices. AgriHope is motivated by their compassion and compelled to serve by the Great Commission. They seek to make the Gospel come alive by demonstrating God’s abundant provision through His creation.

Jonathan’s Child Care Ministries Jonathan’s Child Care Ministries

started with a small house for children in Sierra Leone post war. This ministry has been present in this country for over 15 years. They have participated in orphan care, rescuing abandoned children, and education. Their goal of bringing hope of Christ to the community continues to drive the work they do. New initiatives include farming, promoting family based care, and a children led church.

Vida’s Cycling Program Vida’s Cycling Program

(VICYPRO) focuses on reproductive health, economic empowerment, HIV/Aids, and youth with special needs. Through house to house education with peer educators, they teach three forms of cycling: transport, recreation, and sports. VICYPRO also places an emphasis on HIV/AIDS related issues, stigma, and discrimination. They work in 138 villages and travel up to 350km to support communities in Ghana.

Athletes In Action Athletes In Action

strives to see Christ-followers on every team, every sport, and every nation. They use the platform of sports so that everyone knows someone who truly follows Jesus. Acts 2 Collective and Athletes in Action work together to bring the Gospel to Chad, Africa, through the game of basketball. Jake Sullivan works closely with their in-country staff and travels throughout Chad to train athletes and coaches using Biblical principals.