1200 Club Members

As Acts 2 Collective continues to meet spiritual and physical needs globally, we have created a program called the 1200 Club to help raise a constant flow of financial resources. This creates sustainability, allows us to budget, and helps us to plan ahead. Funds raised through the 1200 Club go directly to supporting staff, programs, project operating costs, and school fees for the youth under our care. Our desire is to partner with more organizations internationally, enabling us to meet the desperate needs of the nations while also spreading the Gospel. To help Acts 2 Collective meet these needs on a monthly basis, we are asking individuals to consider a recurring donation of $100.00 or more per month. As a thank you, all members of the 1200 Club will receive a monthly newsletter with project updates, have their name displayed in our Ankeny office building, and be recognized on our website. Please consider playing a part in our global mission. If you have any questions or would like to sign up, please contact Ashley Caycedo at Ashley@Acts2Collective.org.

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Current 1200 Club Members

Chris & Deborah Andersen

Valoree & Bill Armstrong

Jamie & Sara Bergkamp

Michael & Michelle Broek

Jim & Mary Ann Campney

Scott & Leigh Carr

Ashley Caycedo

Jade Cunningham

John & Brenda Currier

Tony & Leslie Curro

Michael & Golda Curry

Bart & Dianna Elder

Dan & Lynette Foster

Chris & Kris Gardner

Rudy & Giselle Gomez

Brandi Halterman

Tyler Headlee

Brian & Kelle Hildreth

Eric & Tara Hill

Walter & Theresa Jacobsen

Tom & Jill Johnson

Gerald & Kim Johnson

Scot & Lindsay Johnson

Michael & Ashley Jorgensen

Sharon Kalb

Dan & Nicolette Keough

Jess & Jason Kleemeier

Jim & Dawn Knuth

Brent Kramer

Jay & Nicole Layman

Chris & Peggy Littlefield

Scott & Kara Lukan

James & Jessica Lyon

Pete & Rachelle MacNaughton

Nick & Typhanie Mahlstadt

Neil & Peggy Martin

Gail & Shayne McGaughy

Mike & Teresa McVicker

Alan & Erin Merschman

Scott & Ruth Meyer

Todd & Jessica Miller

Jan Muller

Ezekial Odonkor

Angie Pfannkuch

Van & Deborah Plumb

Richard K. Prey

Quentin & Jessica Riser

Brian & Becky Roseland

The Ryan Family

Stacy Seay

 Ryan & Angie Sears

Mark & Jamie Smolik

Carter & Francis Strand

Mark Stuck

Jacob & Janel Sullivan

Doug & Dawn Vander Weide

Harv & Lois Vander Weide

Tim & Amber VanLoo

Bill & Mindy Ward

Bart Waring

Matt & Jantina Wennerstrom

Roger & Lisa Wheeler

Paul & Jayme Wilken

Chad & Carmen Wilson

Nathan & Jenna Wykle

Edward & Helena Young

Brandon & Jill Nicol

Shane & Jill Ver Steeg

Siouxland Community Christian School

Bella Homes

Energy Solutions of America

Adams, Mason

Alpha Chi Omega

Angulo, Martha

Anson, Brad

Adams, Mason

Bahler, Nikki

Bayona, Giselle

Beckman, David and Marylou

Bella Homes

Bergkamp, Jamie

Bjelland, Denise

Boland, Robert

Broek, Michael and Michelle

Bullis, Ron

Butler, David and Lorrie

Buzbee, Rhonda

Carson, Byron and Angie

Campney, Jim and Mary

Caycedo, Ashley

Center Street Baptist

Conlin, James and Roxanne

Coon, Janet

Cooper, Douglas

Cornerstone Church of Ames

Currier, John and Brenda

Day, Tim and Sarah

DeReus, Rod and Kathy

Divine Access

Downtown Church – Okoboji

Faulk, Jenna

Feltz, Joe and Kay

First Presbyterian Church

Foster, Lynette

Gardner, Chris and Kris

Gomez, Rodolpho

Grooters, Derek and Dawn

Hake, Korey

Hall, Jim and Lisa

Halterman, Brandi

Headlee, Tyler

Heilman, Laura

Hildreth, Brian and Kellee

Hill, Eric and Tara

Holm, Kathryn

Iowa Hospital Association

Johnson, Tom and Jill

Johnson, Scot and Lindsay

Johnson, Barbara

Johnston, Jenny

Jorgensen, Michael and Ashley

Kerkhoff, Jeanne

Kleemeier, Jason and Jessica

Knittel, Heather

Kramer, Brent and Sharon

Lutsey, Jon

Lyon, James and Jessica

MacNaughton, Rachelle

Maddy, Beth

Manatt, Andrew and Tanya

McGaughy, Shayne

Miller, Todd and Jess

Muller, Jan

Mudd, Robert and Megan

Nicol, Brandon and Jill

Odonkor, Ezekiel and Alissa

Oswalt, Bob and Diana

Oswalt, Katie

Pavelka, Callea

Pellot, Erika

Pfannkuch, Angie

Riser, Quentin and Jessica

Rogers, Lynnrick and Natasha

Roseland, Brian

Rosenau, Judith

Saddoris Family

Sand Lake Chapel Missions

Sears, Ryan and Angie

Scheppler, Kris and John

Schultze, Elizabeth

Smythe, Stephen

St. Henry Parish

Strand, Carter and Francis

Strand, Stephen & Doris

Stuart Family (Rich and Hannah – father and daughter)

Stuck, Mark

Sullivan, Jacob and Janel

Sunnybrook Community Church

Twedt, Paul and Patty

Thompson, Scott and Mary

Vander Weide, Doug and Dawn

Vander Zwagg, Jill and Kevin

Van Loo, Tim and Amber

Van Loo, Steve and Patti

Ward, Bill and Mindy

Waring, Bart

Wennerstrom, Matthew and Jantina

Wheeler, Roger and Lisa

White, Todd and Angela

Willox, Evie

Wilken, Paul and Jayme

Wilson, Chad and Carmen

Wilson, Cliff

Wittry, Dave and Mary

Wykle, Nathan and Jenna

Young, Ed and Helena

Zimmerman, Jeff and Shelly